Below, find answers to general and technical questions and concerns for online training.
General Questions
Yes, you must go through our online training and pay our certification course fee. We have our own unique set of policies and procedures as well as our own equipment. We want to ensure that you’ll be able to have access to the training and resources available to other producers, as well as quickly get up to speed regarding our policies and procedures. Online training will ensure a smoother transition and better understanding for both you and our company.
Current producers can take our online classes under the “Producer Refresher Course” for free for a limited period of time if space is available. Or, producers can access our “TrainingFAQ” drive from the edit bay computers at our studios to access all of the major materials available on the online training platform.
You’ll have to take our online curriculum and get recertified. Decertified producers are given a 50% discount the FIRST TIME they become lapsed producers and need to be recertified. All other recertifications will be subject to full-price.
A 50% discount off regular fees will be given to high school students eighteen and older and college students with student I.D., members of the United States military (active, reserve, or veteran) with proof of service, and seniors 60 years of age or older with proof of age. These discounts are not combinable with other special prices.
Online training is at your own pace, so you can work as fast or as slow as you are able and comfortable. However, you need to complete your final task, the production of one PSA, within eight weeks of finishing your last module or checking out a camera, whichever is earlier.
The proficiency tests are meant to demonstrate your ability to do basic functions with editing and camera use. Generally, they aren’t a pass/fail test, but they are a way to allow you to get practice with what you’ve just learned and allow us to know that you have enough basic knowledge to begin using equipment confidently.
Technical Questions
When you log in, you can see available courses under “My Learning.” Each ‘Course’ is basically a class module in our certification course. Scroll down and you’ll see “Upcoming Courses,” which lists modules that will open as you successfully complete the modules’ prerequisites. To the far left, under the NLTV logo, you can find “Completed Courses” and “Resource Center.” Under “Completed Courses,” you can access modules (and materials) that you already passed, as well as look at your course certificates. Under “Resource Center,” you can quickly find helpful materials, such as our Policies, forms that producers use, our bylaws and policies/procedures, and our Mac Tutorial.
When you sign up for classes, Nā Leo TV will process your application and enter you into our system, normally within two business days. Once your application has been processed, you should receive an automatic email from Nā Leo TV via Skyprep (mailer@skyprep.com). In this email, you will be assigned a username and password which you can use to log into http://naleotv.skyprepapp.com

If you don’t receive such an e-mail within two business days, check your spam folder to see if the email was routed there by your privacy settings. If not, call Nā Leo TV at 808-935-8874 and a member of our staff will assist you. It is recommended to call when you can have access to your computer.

Go to http://naleotv.skyprepapp.com and click the button above the log-in fields with the symbol of a key and the text “Password?” From there, you will be directed to enter your password and an email will be sent to you with a link to reset your password.
First, log into Skyprep using your assigned username and password. In the upper right corner, click on your name and then select “My Account.” There, you can enter your new password, type it again to confirm it, and then scroll down and click “Update User.”
First, log into Skyprep using your assigned username and password. In the upper right corner, click on your name and then select “My Account.” There, you can uncheck the box labeled “eMail Notifications.”
For video streaming, students are advised to be at least on a broadband connection with a minimum speed of 5 Mbps. The Skyprep platform tries to output the best video quality and to buffer the video. If a student’s internet connection is too slow, then the video will take too long to buffer.

When the video won’t play, two options are to hover over to the “HD” option on the bottom right of the video player and change the quality to “SD” instead of “HD.” You can also try reloading the page or logging on at a different time.

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