Below, find answers to general and technical questions and concerns for NLTV.
Top Questions
To request Nā Leo TV to come film an event, it is usually easiest to call one of our studios and ask the operator to connect you to our Outreach Department or Client Services so that we can take down your name, contact information, and some event information. You can also fill out a request form online by visiting http://naleo.tv/event-request/ . Our Events Vetting Committee will ascertain if we have time in our production schedule and enough resources to capture the event. Events have a greater likelihood of being filmed if they are noncommercial in nature.

If Nā Leo TV cannot film your event due to budget constraints or a full production schedule, you are welcome to post event requests with your contact info on the bulletin boards at our facilities, as some of our certified external producers periodically look for community events they can go out and produce for other people. Please be aware that these are clients of NLTV who produce their own shows, not employees of Nā Leo TV.

You could also always consider becoming a certified producer in order to film your events or interests in the future. Visit http://naleo.tv/training/ for more information.

Unfortunately, at this time we don’t have the resources and manpower to maintain a full-time events calendar that would be always reflective of every event occurring or requested listings, so we are not accepting requests for any type of community events calendar at this time.
You can request a show if you have enough information about the show or the show’s title, and if it is still in our video library system. The more recent the program, the better likelihood of finding it. The DVD will be in Standard Definition quality. If we can locate the program you would like to own a copy of, we charge $13 for the copy ($3 for a DVD with case or sleeve and $10 for staff time to burn the DVD). For mailing a DVD, you’ll have to enquire with Client Services, as arrangements need to be made on a case-by-case basis.
As NLTV is a public-access television station, we can neither produce programs/ads of a commercial nature nor air such programs.
Depending on the message (as long as it is noncommercial and contains no direct requests for contributions or calls to action), there are a few options we can offer.

By providing the monthly show “Hawaiʻi Island Speaks Out,” Nā Leo TV offers residents an open mic and public forum television program for individual and nonprofit organizations to talk about their issue or nonprofit, or to share their talent, for up to ten minutes. Visit http://naleo.tv/hawaii-island-speaks-out/ for more information.

By paying a nominal fee and taking our certification course, Hawaiʻi residents can become certified producers. Certified producers can access video production equipment, edit bays, and studios in order to produce and air TV shows—all for FREE—on our public access television channels.

Residents who create programs with outside equipment have the opportunity to submit their programs for airing on our channels as presenters. Presenters must abide by the policies and procedures of Nā Leo TV and either hold the copyright to the program or have a release from the copyright holder.

In order to use Nā Leo TV’s equipment, you must be a certified producer.
Certification entails 4 modules, two proficiency tests, the production of one PSA, and signing our statement of compliance form to signify your agreement to abide by the policies and procedures of NLTV. After you’re certified, you can use our equipment, studio, and edit bays to produce your non-commercial programs for airing for free on our public access television channels. For a list of frequently asked questions regarding online training, please visit http://naleo.tv/frequently-asked-questions/.
Producers are clients certified with Nā Leo TV to use NLTV equipment, studios, or edit bays, in addition to being Big Island residents. Non-certified clients may submit video programs for playback on the access channels. When clients do this, they may be referred to as “Presenters.”
To remain certified you must submit one new program using NLTV equipment every year in order to remain certified.
Call us as 935-8874 (Hilo) or 329-9617 (Kona), contact us via one of the question forms on this website, or find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our website’s news section at http://naleo.tv/the-voice/!
Questions about Program Submission
Big Island residents can submit their shows, and clients who are not Big Island residents are allowed to submit programs to Nā Leo TV as long as they have a sponsor on Hawaiʻi Island. Both types of clients, referred to as Presenters, must abide by all of our Policies and Procedures, especially those regarding commercialism and sponsorship. You can read our policies and procedures by visiting http://naleo.tv/documents/. If your program meets our criteria, we would be happy to assist you with airing a program and even helping you find a sponsor if you don’t have connections on our island.

As we must air non-commercial programming, make sure your program contains no such content, or else there is a possibility viewers will call to complain to Nā Leo TV and/or the Dept. of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, which results in an investigation and even your program being pulled off the air until if and when you remove the commercial content from the show.

Presenter Playback submissions should be on DVDs. At present, BluRay discs are not accepted, nor is videotape of any kind. NLTV producers must submit digital copies of their programs using pre-established export options.
Any program may be submitted as long as it complies with the Policies and Procedures of NLTV, found at http://naleo.tv/documents, and does not contain speech that is not protected by the U.S. Constitution.
Simply arrange for a “time slot” with NLTV’s Program Coordinator by submitting your program with a SIGNED Playback Submission Form. Please be sure to follow the Technical Requirements.
Certified producers have the ability to become a “series” producer.
Questions About us
Nā Leo TV is one of the four Public Educational Government (PEG) -access entities in the state of Hawaii. Our funding comes from franchise fees that are collected from Hawaiʻi cable subscribers. Nā Leo TV is under our non-profit organization Nā Leo ‘O Hawai’i Inc.
Nā Leo ‘O Hawaiʻi (NLOH) was incorporated in 1993 and in 1994 operations began in Hilo and Kona. We are governed by a volunteer board of nine individuals who serve three-year terms. NLTV allows people to practice their right to free speech in a variety of ways, and we strive to find relevant programs about and for our Big Island of Hawaiʻi to broadcast on our public access television stations
Our logo contains the pahu drum, symbolizing a call to action. Drums have unique beats….as do the voices and opinions of each and every Hawaiʻi resident.
Our programs are all non-commercial in nature. Our productions and those of our certified producers and presenters air on our public channels, cable channels 53 and 54, and our government programs from the County, State, and National levels air on cable channel 55. All three channels are also viewable online on our livestreams available on http://naleo.tv/watch-na-leo-tv/.”  The shows that air on our station encompass a broad range of diverse interests. We air local shows on sports, health, lifestyles, hobbies, culture, religion, public health, current issues, and much more!
The funds to support Nā Leo O Hawaiʻi come from cable subscribers. The cable company is required to pay rent to the state (the Franchise Fee) for using the public rights-of-way. The cable company places their equipment in these rights-of-ways in order to conduct business. Nā Leo O Hawaiʻi receives a percentage of the franchise fees collected from cable subscribers.
The mission of Nā Leo TV is to facilitate diverse community, education and government dialogue and expression by providing television access for the people of the County of Hawaiʻi. Nā Leo TV provides television access to facilitate diverse community dialog and educational awareness for the citizens of Hawaiʻi island. This same access is utilized for County and State Governments to communicate and provide relevant information to Hawaiʻi island residents. Our mission includes providing our citizens with great customer service, clean facilities, and modern equipment to work with.
The opportunity for citizens to express their constitutional right of free speech can be achieved in many ways. NLTV wishes to promote this very fundamental right by allowing people to become certified and trained to use our equipment and facilities. Increasing the number of “External Producers” (EP) who create new programs and utilize our resources is a very high priority. Creating relevant and interesting internal programs and opportunities to address diverse community interest is a secondary priority. This vision is achieved by providing NLTV employees as resources and professional experts in the local television market who can develop and promote the best practices to ensure that relevant media access is taking place throughout the County of Hawaiʻi.
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